•  Ogrody Bielsko-Biala Jedrzejczyk Ogrody Bielsko-Biala
 •  GITP is leading the way for the
    Biomass Industry in Georgia and
    across the Nation

 •  GITP Announces Vision and Roadp for
    Georgia's Forest Products and Biomass     Industries

 •  GITP and University of Georgia to
    focus efforts on "Biorefinery Concept

 •  2004 Agriculture and Carbon     utilization conference.

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University of Georgia Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program
    UGA Biorefinery Site

Join Discussions about GITP and Geogia Industries at the GITP Blog Site

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2004 Agriculture & Carbon Utilization Conference Proceedings/Info
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Access Georgia's Industrial Leaders and become a contributor to the furure of the Biomass and Forest Product Industries.
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Georgias 1st Biorefinery
UGA Bioconversion Research and Education Center (BREC) is the site of the first biorefinery in Georgia.
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Georgia's Vision & Roadmap
Biomass and Forest Products Vision and Roadmap to be unveiled at the 2005 GITP Symposium
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Get the latest information about the available Federal, State and Private funding opportunities available for Biomass and Forest Products Research.

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